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Autism and our journey for the last five years. Five years ago, my daughter was diagnosed with autism, at the age of three. Here I want to share things that have worked for her in hopes to help other parents as I know how overwhelming it all can be when you are faced with a diagnosis at first. 


Want ideas on therapies and different techniques  you can use working with your child? Want to know which educational toys and apps are the best to get? Want to know about diet, excersise and play therapies? You are at the right place. 


Therapy is not one size fits all. What works for one child, might not work for another. The key is to find what works and personalise those that work specifically to the child. 

Information you can use on Autism, sensory processing disorder, autism spectrum disorder, anxiety.


In my introduction of my very first blog post, I would love to talk about inspiration.

Inspiration comes from those things in life that shake us to the core. The things that take a hold of you, and force you to change your direction in life. It can be anything, a big event, a fleeting incident, a traumatic experience or as in my case,

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